Escola Entença – Results


IAAC Valldaura Labs designed and created a site specific installation using modular elements that were adapted to be installed with schoolchildren and their parents.

The design was intended to showcase the connection between the natural environment at Valldaura Labs within the Collserola Park and the city below. By using primarily wood grown in Collserola, the students brought the lessons of the forest to the children and parents of Escola Entença. The final installation included 5 custom made outdoor benches constructed from whole logs cut in half and fixed with rebar legs. Students also created two playful box structures in the shape of a heart and a leaf, to add to the sense of playfulness and connection to nature. Finally, an enormous wooden nest was constructed from over 1.200 wooden elements attached together and assembled with the help of students and family members of Escola Entença.

On the day of the installation, a huge gathering of students, teachers, parents and friends from the school came together to help the MAEBB students assemble their final project in the street in front of the school. By working together, the process went quickly and efficiently, resulting in a dramatic nest hanging between the two walls of the school’s main entrance.