Rules of Entry

NOTE: The complete Rules of Entry and Submission Templates are currently available for download at this link, the following text is an abridged summary.

Eligibility: The FURNISH call for applications will be open to teams throughout Europe.

All teams must comprise a design entity (professional, academic or institutional), as well as a digital fabrication facility from the same municipality.

All teams are additionally required to provide a declaration of responsibility for testing their designs with end users and/or evidence of having sought a letter of support from a local institution expressing interest in hosting their pilot installation (e.g. a municipality, university campus, cultural centre, etc.).

All designs developed under the FURNISH project must be fully documented in an open-source format.

Selection: A total of 7 teams will participate – 4 selected through the open call and 3 headed by the FURNISH design partners (UPC/Elisava/IAAC).

As this project intends to create a common workspace based on collaboration, all 7 teams will take part in a series of virtual workshops led by these partners, so that all 7 projects benefit from awareness of one another and access to the other teams’ expertise.

The priority of the FURNISH partners in determining the 4 teams selected through the open call will be their respective logistical capability to complete a prototype installation addressing the problems of public space resulting from COVID-19 within the FURNISH timeline and budget. Secondarily, the FURNISH partners will determine the 4 teams selected through the open call to optimize diversity in terms of the solutions proposed, the strategies proposed for their realization, geographic distribution and team composition.

Requirements: Because the projects are intended to be developed collaboratively, applicants are NOT expected to have a design prepared at the time of application.

Rather, applicants are required to detail the composition and qualifications of their team, and specify the type of design they propose to develop in the collaborative setting referenced above.

Timeline: The call will open for applications on September 10, and close on September 25.

The collaborative design development and prototyping will occur from October 5 through November 15.

Testing of the prototypes in an operational environment will occur from November 15 through November 30.

The final report and open source documentation will be completed between December 1 and December 15.

Prizes: Participating teams will be awarded a grant of 10.000€ each to develop and fabricate their prototypes.

Participating teams will also receive mentoring by the FURNISH design partners (UPC/Elisava/IAAC) through the collaborative process referenced above.

Additionally included in the award is communication and dissemination coordinated by the centralized EIT Urban Mobility working group.