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How can I request more information?

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Who is eligible to apply?

Applications are accepted from teams comprising a design entity (either professional, academic or institutional) plus a digital fabrication facility. The fabrication facility can be a member of the Fab Lab network, but this status is not mandatory. The intent of FURNISH is to promote local manufacturing through digital reindustrialization and to establish a network of local tactical urbanism first responders. Therefore the design entity and the fabrication facility must be based in the same municipality, and must also provide evidence of having formally sought a letter of support for implementation from that municipality.

What is the budget for each project?

Each selected team will receive a prize of 10.000€ from the FURNISH project to develop and prototype their design. If the anticipated cost of successfully completing the proposed project will exceed 10.000€, the respective team must provide adequate proof evidencing the availability of the required additional funds.

What is the timeline?

Prior to September 10 the details of application delivery and document templates will be uploaded to this website. On September 10 the call will open for applications. The call will close on September 25. From October 5 through November 15, the selected teams will collaboratively develop and prototype their designs. From November 15 through November 30, the prototypes will be tested in an operational environment. From December 1 through December 15, the results will be comprehensively documented in an open-source format.

How many teams will be selected?

4 teams will be selected through the open call. These 4 teams will join 3 additional teams respectively led by the FURNISH design partners IAAC/UPC/Elisava. Thus the total number of teams will be 7, forming a collaborative design development and prototyping community.

How will applications be evaluated?

Applications will be evaluated by all FURNISH project partners. The highest priority will be placed on selecting the teams most likely to be successful. Secondarily, priority will be placed on the geographic distribution of the teams, and on maximizing the variety of the types of designs to be developed. The details of the evaluation process and criteria will be published on this website along with the application materials prior to September 10.

Does my team need to have a design prepared to apply?

No! The intent of the FURNISH project is for the selected teams to collaboratively develop their respective designs and prototypes through a series of workshops led by the project partners. To apply, teams only need to specify the type of design they are proposing to develop.

How do I submit my application?

The details of the application delivery process and necessary document templates will be provided on this website prior to September 10.

Is it possible to submit more than one application?

No. The FURNISH partners will evaluate and select teams, not designs. Therefore it is not possible for a team to apply more than once, nor for an entity to submit as a member of multiple teams.

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